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Apolgizing is for Cowards

Posted on March 28, 2021 by Patrick J. B. Simmons
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Lest you read this headline incorrectly and believe it is about apolgizing for a lack of episodes, it is not: it is about apologizing for content.

Earlier this month (March, 2021), I made a bet with Mike on Twitter that if I could edit and release four episodes of the show prior to the end of March, he would stop saying idiotic things about food on Twitter for three months (things like claiming margerine is better than butter).

I am winning the bet.

That said, the four episodes that are the result are pretty all over the board - I will not say that one of them spends a lot of time talking about poop, nor that the one following it talks a surprising amount about pee, but I will not not say that, either. Nor will I apologize - look, if you don’t like them, it’s ok - there are four of them, so maybe the other two will appeal to you - it is our show, and if we want to talk a bit about the back end of the digestive system just to get Mike to stop saying dumb shit about what does in the front end, then we will.

All Downhill on Location

Posted on October 29, 2020 by Patrick J. B. Simmons
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In this very special episode, Mike and I went on-location at the suppoedly haunted Moonville Tunnel in Southwest Ohio to talk about ghosts, hauntings, and related phenomena, as well as to try our hands at some ghost hunting of our own.

We brought an EMF reader, our recording equipment, and some snacks, left our lights in the car, and made several passes through the tunnel at various times of day and early night. The episode was recorded on what was supposedly both National Ghost Hunting Day and National Observe the Moon Night, September 26, 2020, hoping we might run into some others out looking for haunts, but as it happened we were the only people we met with any eqipment of any sort (except for hiking gear), so rather than asking people to show up on the show, we had some people come talk to us thinking we were the pros.

We likely don’t need to tell you we were not. But we still recorded one of our best episodes ever (and got some great food) out there, and hope it will be worth the wait it took to sift through the recordings we made - the rest of which we plan to release seperately later as bonus content.

Thank you, as always, for listening - and have a spooky Halloween!

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