All Downhill

February 18th, 2016

Gun Control Part 2: Smart Guns

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Episode Summary

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Be sure to check out the first half of our discussion on gun control.

Following last episode’s discussion concerning militias and school shootings, the discussion of gun control wraps up with a look at “smart guns” and the factors in play concerning technological advances in gun saftey. Then, in what may be a misguided attempt to end on a light note, we briefly discuss malts and why they are superior to plain milkshakes. From gun shops in New Jersey and government regulations to UDF gas stations and birthday-cake ice cream, this is All Downhill.

Episode Sources

  1. Obama orders feds to study smart gun technology - CNET
  2. Smart guns: They’re ready. Are we? - Fortune
  3. Smart guns fire up both sides of gun control debate - CBS News
  4. ‘White hat hackers’ of Johns Hopkins protect data, thwart cybercrime - The Gazette
  5. The RFID Hacking Underground - WIRED
  6. Footage (feat. Deserved) - Chump Change - © 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.


This episode contains some strong language.

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