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November 19th, 2015

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Correction: according to their website, a roughly 3 1/2 minute report on the Beirut bombings aired on NPR the morning of November 13th.

In light of the November 13th attacks in Paris, Mike and Patrick discuss the Syrian Refugee Crisis and ISIS. Topics covered include media bias in reporting certain events more prominently than others, Islamophobia, the importance of winning the ideological war against ISIS, Facebook profile picture overlays, the protestant reformation, and the so-called “greyzone.”

Further Information

During the episode, Mike brings up the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon versus the number in France: for those interested, there are currently 1,075,637 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 314,731 of whom are in Beirut. France, on the other hand, has a combined total of 308,126 refugees and asylum seekers from all countries combined (that is, not just Syria). Even under president Hollande's plan to accept 30,000 more Syrian refugees after the Paris attacks, that still leaves France's total far lower than Lebanon's. This is not an indictment of France in anyway (among other things, Lebanon is much closer to Syria than France, and so easier for refugees to get to), merely some numbers worth knowing.

Furthermore, in the episode Patrick brings up the existence of female suicide bombers. According to reports, a female suicide bomber was shot dead in France sometime early November 18th. Sources for this and for the refugee numbers can be found in the episode sources below.

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This episode contains some strong language.

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