The Lawrenceburg Mural Project

News and updates on Christopher J. F. X. “Quezon” Simmons’ Eagle Project

Latest Update: August 22nd, 2010

The wall is FINISHED: 34 new pictures added to the gallery!

ChristopherMy name is Christopher Simmons, and I am currently a Life Scout with BSA Troop 646. Recently I have started on my Eagle Scout Service Project: to clean and paint a large retaining wall along the river-walk in Lawrenceburg Indiana. The plan is to powerwash the wall, apply a primer, paint a mural of Dearborn County, and finally apply a sealant to ensure long life and quality. The project is already under way, we've acquired all the necessary approvals and have cleaned the wall. However, my troop and I still have the bulk of the project before us.

Once primed, we will start painting the mural of Dearborn County. The mural starts on the left side of the wall with a depiction of Lawrenceburg. As the mural continues, it will cover different places of historical and architectural significance in Dearborn County. Finally the mural will picture the river running into Aurora on the right side of the wall. All of the plans have been drawn out and are ready to be translated to the wall.

Throughout this summer my troop and I, along with some other volunteers, will be working to finish this project. We have already made some significant progress, however we have a long way to go. I appreciate and thank all who have been willing to donate to this cause. This project would not be possible without your help.

Chris Simmons


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