Patrick J. B. Simmons | Portfolio

March 2014 -

Dee Slaght met with me as she was interested in setting up a web presence for her buisness selling custom made teddy bears from old fur coats. The project required designing the site as well as setting up a CMS and shopping cart.

The site was built in HTML5/CSS3 using Textpattern and the Yab_Shop plugin for the CMS and shopping cart, respectively.

Marco Kuiper's jQuery image slideshow is used on the main page, and the forms are checking using the jQuery Validation Plugin. Photo

The overall design for the site is simple so that customer focus can remain on finding the right bear (or inquiring about a custom-made bear) quickly and easily, and to highlight the images of the bears themselves.

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While working on I got to see a few of Dee's bears in person, and they are really impressive. If you are in the market I highly reccomened checking them out, and I'm not just trying to plug my design here.