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February 2011 - Everyman Posters

I worked with director John Broadhead to develop a series of posters promoting the first screening of Reflection Film's 2011 crime drama Everyman - the first poster below was used as the main release poster and as box art for the DVD release, while the others were used as promotional materials for the initial screening.

Everyman Poster 1 Everyman Poster 2 Everyman Poster 3 Everyman Poster 4 Everyman Poster 5 Everyman Poster 6 Everyman Poster 7

Everyman is currently being re-released as a webseries at:

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I play one of the film's villians: mob boss Eric Farron. I personally don't think I'm particularly great at it, but I have received conflicting reports.