Patrick J. B. Simmons

A Bit About Me

Hi, hello, and howdy.

I am a web designer based just outside of Cincinnai, Ohio. I work mostly with HTML5, CSS3, and PHP.

I've been building websites in some form or another since my early teens, and I'm committed to constantly improving my skills.

I've written, just once, a letter to someone - by hand - in HTML markup.

I'm also currently seeking employment, so if you're hiring, why not check out my resume or portfolio?

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Other things that may or may not be worth knowing about me: I'm an Eagle Scout. I drink almost nothing but tea, though I won't say no to a nice scotch or IPA. I enjoy skiing in winter and, though I am not particularly good at it, basketball in summer. I enjoy reading mystery, horror, comedy, and science fiction books and occasionally comics. I'm a huge horror movie buff. I'm a Roman Catholic.

I'm mildly obsessed with board games. If I wasn't working with computers, I'd like to be either a radio host or Jimmy Buffett. I'm 28 years old and about 6 feet 2 inches tall. I enjoy a little bit of every type of music, and I personally play piano, clarinet, and melodica, though I'm not great at any of them.

I firmly believe in doing every job to the best of my abilities, whether I like the job or not. There's little point in doing something if you can't take pride in doing it right.

A gentleman I once worked for told someone that I “fly on a different level.”

I'm pretty sure I'm proud of that.