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A Disaster in Beautiful Motion

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Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jun 01, 12 | Read Full Article
Relaunch Status Update - April 11, 2012

As you may have noticed, we never update around here.

In the hope of changing that, we’re switching to an issue-based bi-weekly updating schedule, other than the blog which isn’t.

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Apr 11, 12 | Comments | Read Full Article
After A Nearly Two-Year Hiatus...

Sir Rupert returns to make two more Wrong Turns!

The first two instalments of The Wrong Turns were released nearly two years ago:
The Wrong Turns: Introduction and The Wrong Turns: The First Two Turns were both posted to on June 7th, 2008.

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jan 29, 11 | Comments | Read Full Article
"We're Totally Cutting Edge!"

Just yesterday Quezon’s story Barg the Clone and my review of Arcade Fire‘s brand-new album The Suburbs went live, and already we’ve got some spicy new reviews for ‘ya, courtesy of Mike and Quezon, repeatedly.

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Aug 06, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
Barg is back...and so is Barg!

…and so is Barg, Barg, Barg, Barg, and, of course, Barg: Quezon’s brought us yet another tale in the ever-popular Adventures of Barg series with Barg the Clone – a tale featuring, just in case I haven’t made it obvious enough, multiple Bargs.

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Aug 05, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
And now: The Ninja of New York!

Chris and Joe Herring (brothers of our very own Grant Herring), the duo of guest authors who brought our very first illustrated story with The Divided Planet back in June 2008, are back with another landmark: our very first comic-book! Published as a series of fifteen posts, Foxor the Hero is a classic superhero-team story…

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jul 23, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
The Forums Have Returned

Just a quick update at the moment: I should be posting another before this coming Monday. As the title of this post and the link in the navigation bar indicate, the Forums are back online! There isn’t much there yet, as they just went up yesterday, so feel free to help remedy this by signing up and starting a discussion!

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jul 22, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
Anime + Stick Figures = ?

In the three days since my last post, some very cool stuff has been happening around here: first of all, commenting on articles in once again enabled – and now commenting does not expire, so you can comment even on older stuff if you so desire. Second, despite having a few details left (the About page being the big one), we are officially no longer under construction! To celebrate and get things rolling, we’re rolling out a brand new and long awaited feature to Stick Figure Anime!

Head over to the official Stick Figure Anime website (accessible via the “Features” page) and check out the first/third (you’ll see) episode of this animated series created by Michael Simmons and animated by Quezon (who also has a new comic on the site which you can check out here – more to follow)! Don’t miss it, or I’ll cry and force Quezon to make a beverage from my tears.

As always, be sure to keep an eye out for new stuff (the latest article/image posts are always on the main page), and enjoy the new design!

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jul 16, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
Well, This is Different

If you are incredibly perceptive, you may have noticed a few small changes to over the past weekend. Most notable, of course, is the addition of penguins to the main page. Of course, there are also a few other tiny changes.

That’s enough sarcasm for the moment: more or less, everything has changed. The site is cleaner and more open, the logo is totally different, the layout has had some tweaking, the organization of our content isn’t even remotely the same, our privacy policy is up-to-date (boring, I know), and even our search box is different (and, in many regards, better).

…and it’s not quite over yet. As you may have noticed, some stuff, such as comments on articles, is still missing. But hang tight: the work is continuing and should be complete very soon. I’ll be keeping you posted.

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jul 13, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
the case of the disappearing content

Hey there cats and kittens: some of you may have noticed that our content has been disappearing as of July 8th, 2010 – and continues to do so as of the time of this post, and will likely keep doing so until my next post here. DO NOT PANIC! This is a totally o.k. occurrence, and it is happening for a good reason: once again, I’m making a few changes to, the most important one being to the organization of content around here, which is the reason all the content seems to be vanishing. Everything is being moved to new categories and locations which just haven’t been made accessible yet.

In brief: the Fiction section and the Music Reviews section are merging together and expanding into a far broader section which will house a ton of stuff, all sortable by type, genera, author, and so forth from within the section itself. Furthermore, an element of which has been missing for a long time now – the “Features” page – will be returning, to showcase stuff such as News of the Future and the upcoming Flash series Stick Figure Anime (sorry iPhone people – blame Steve Jobs).

All of this will be unveiled at once sometime this coming weekend, but until then you may notice lots of stuff breaking around here while everything is readied for the change. In addition to the change in organization, we’ll also be broadening the range of our content to include, as we have long planned, more types of content, including editorials/opinion pieces, book and film reviews, animated features, and more.

To go with it all, is going to get a new, cleaner look to celebrate the change and work with it. So you’ll know when the work is done, because is going to look quite a bit different.

With all that said: I’ll see you on the other side of the weekend, because until it is done, I won’t be posting much else.

Patrick J. B. Simmons

Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jul 08, 10 | Comments | Read Full Article
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