All Downhill

February 9, 2017

CGI Celebrity Corpses

Download: 20170209.mp3 (41:12, 45.2 MB)

Episode Summary

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Just a bit too late for the Chinese New Year, Mike and Patrick are back to talk about the use of CGI to replace dead actors in film, why nostalgia is such a big focus of many recent films, and why this all makes Patrick really angry.

Plus: we play our 2017 dead pool for those people we think will bite the dust in the new-ish year!

Episode Sources

  1. Are the Special Effects in Rogue One Unethical? - IndieWire
  2. Lucasfilm Finally Addresses Rogue One’s Biggest Controversy - io9
  3. Absolute Terror - Nihilore - © 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.


This episode features content which may offend some listeners, including strong language.

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