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A Disaster in Beautiful Motion

Patrick J. B. Simmons | June 01, 2012

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After A Nearly Two-Year Hiatus...
Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jan 29, 11
The Original Logo

Sir Rupert returns to make two more Wrong Turns!

The first two instalments of The Wrong Turns were released nearly two years ago:
The Wrong Turns: Introduction and The Wrong Turns: The First Two Turns were both posted to on June 7th, 2008.

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Review: blk. Water
Patrick J. B. Simmons | Aug 22, 11

Water is probably the most boring beverage on the planet. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the zillion-and-one flavoured and enhanced waters available on the market – we may need water to live, but that doesn’t mean it’s our drink of choice. I ran into a relatively recent entry to this market a couple of weeks ago: blk.

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The Wrong Turns: The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Turns
Patrick J. B. Simmons | Feb 06, 11

Soon Sir Rupert found himself at the gates of a gleaming city, full of tall towers reaching towards the sky like steel fingers grasping for the sun.
“Hello down there!”
Looking up, Sir Rupert saw a man in pink armour standing atop the gates.

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The Ballad of the Modern-Day Vikings: Part One
Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jan 29, 11

The life of a modern day Sea Dog,
Is a difficult life it’s true!
It’s safer to just avoid our ships,
Or we may just run you through!

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The Wrong Turns: The Third and Fourth Turns
Patrick J. B. Simmons | Jan 29, 11

As a way of showing his gratitude towards Sir Rupert, King Cloud gave him access to his Personal Transportation Eagle (PTE). Sadly, despite his strict diet of cheesecake and absolutely nothing else, King Cloud was a very lightweight fellow and Sir Rupert, laden down with armour, was not.

If that wasn’t clear enough, the PTE fell.

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Review: The Other Guys
Christopher "Quezon" Simmons | Aug 06, 10
The Other Guys

So overall, although there is definitely some blah during the middle, but this movie has a strong start and finish, and has some really good gags you’ll be dying to share with your friends.

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